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ExHomo PP (subcategory menu), Injection molding (usage), IPP (detailed usage), R714 (product name), 8.0 (MI), High stiffness (characteristics), Band (final product)

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Homo PP

Homo Polypropylene is used mostly in films, yarn/fiber, and general household goods.


Impact PP

Impact Polypropylene is used mostly as the raw material for vehicles, home appliances, industrial parts, and pipes.


Random PP

Random Polypropylene is used mostly in sealed containers that require transparency, transparent bottles, shock absorbents (foam) in vehicles, and packing materials (foam) that require shock resistance at low temperatures.


PP Compound

PP Compound is divided into numerous types according to the purpose, such as high stiffness, heat resistance, glossiness, softness, paintability, and fire retardancy. It is widely used in automotive interiors and exteriors and in home appliances.


Product Search

ExHomo PP (subcategory menu), Injection molding (usage), IPP (detailed usage), R714 (product name), 8.0 (MI), High stiffness (characteristics), Band (final product)

Growth and change

Never afraid of growth and change, GS Polymer is growing with a global standard.

  • Total sales

    697 million USD

    (about 1,100 won/dollar)

  • Total sales volume


  • Total production capacity


GS Polymer grows along with all of you and is
committed to always thinking and acting with
the focus on our customers.

Hi-Prene -  While Kixx is the leader in gasoline and lubricant with outstanding quality, Hi-Prene represents GS Polymer’s leadership in polypropylene.

Unceasing new endeavors with R&D

GS Polymer is committed to producing products with the best technology with a spirit of ambition.

Injection Molding

The injection molded products are widely used
in industrial and household goods.



CPP is rarely used by itself, with more than 90% used
in combination with other films (OPP, PET, etc).


Blow Molding

Types of blow molding include extrusion blow molding,
injection blow molding, stretching blow molding,
and injection stretching blow molding.



This thin sheet with a thickness of 3.2 mm or less features chemical resistance
and thermal stability and is used mainly for packaging materials such
as food containers.



GS Polymer supplies pipe materials validated through strict pressure
resistance and thermal resistances tests so that they do not leak even
under high temperature and pressure conditions.


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