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This section provides a variety of information, from the introduction of PP to processing.

Cutting Process

There are two ways of manufacturing the final or intermediate product in the intended shape with polypropylene.
Injection molding is the production of parts using a mold, and extrusion molding is continuous
cutting of the product in the shape of the die.

Injection molding

Injection molded products are widely used in industrial and household goods.


Since CPP film is a casted film, it has lower gloss and transparency than OPP film but has heat sealability and excellent impact resistance at low temperatures.

Blow molding

Blow molded products are used in automotive parts such as washer containers and HVAC and in various containers such as lubricant containers, anti-freeze containers, drinking water bottles, mineral water bottles, and soy sauce bottles.


Sheet mold products are used mostly for packaging materials, construction materials, and corrugated cardboard.


PPB pipe is used mostly for hot water heating due to its excellent heat resistance. It is an ideal replacement for existing piping materials.

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