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GS Caltex Corporation (the ‘Company’), according to 『Personal Information Protection Act』 and relevant legislations, establishes•announces the following Personal Information Management Policy to protect personal information of visitors including short-term accessor, employee, shipping driver and promptly manage relevant issues. The ‘company’ is liable to change Personal Information Management Policy in accordance with revisions in law, government policies, and company’s internal policies, and pledges to notify any revisions on our website homepage or bulletin board.

Privacy Notice

1. Items and method of personal information collection

A. Essential items

Homepage(E-MAIL US) User

o General Information : Name, E-mail, Company’s name

B. Method of collection

Via website

2. Purpose of personal information management

The ‘company’ manages personal information for the following purposes: approval and registration of entrance access to restricted areas, protection and observance of law related to nationally secured facilities, revisit or entrance management, entrance control in accordance with the company’s security regulations, operation record management, security management, verification of work performance, fulfillment of contract, and linkage of the company’s operation system for related work execution.

3. Personal information management & period of information held

The ‘company’ will keep personal information until its purpose is achieved.

4. Entrustment of personal information management

The ‘company’ entrusts tasks in relation to personal information management as listed below. In case of entrustment contract, according to its relevant legislations, the ‘company’ makes necessary actions to assure that personal information is safely managed. Entrusted information is limited to minimum extent necessary for the tasks.

Entrustment of personal information management_Entrusted Companies, Contents of entrusted duty
Entrusted Companies Contents of entrusted duty
GS ITM, Yullin Technologies, nlln Maintenance and system management

5. Procedure and method of personal information destruction

A. Procedure of destruction

The ‘company’ will destruct personal information immediately when it becomes unnecessary by termination of retention period or achievement of purpose. However, if the personal information has to be stored continuously to comply with company’s internal policies or other laws, it will be moved to separate data base or different location of the storage

B. Method of destruction

For the personal information in electronic file format, technical methods that prevent repair or regeneration of the record will be used. Printed personal information copies will be destroyed by paper shredder or incineration.

6. Subject’s right · duty and mean of exertion

A. The subject of information can exert the following rights to the ‘company’ anytime. However, it can be limited according to Paragraph 3 in Article 35, Paragraph 1 in Article 36, and Paragraph 2 in Article 37 as per the Personal Information Protection Act.

① Reading request for personal information

② Suspension request for personal information management

③ Revision or deletion request for personal information

B. Mean of exertion is as in the following,

① Exertion of right is available through written document and e-mail in a separate format, to which the ‘company’ will take steps with no delay.

② If revision or deletion of personal information is requested, the ‘company’ will not use or provide the personal information until the request is complete

③ If subject of information wishes to exert the right through legal representative or delegated substitute, power of attorney should be submitted.

7. Measures confirming security of personal information

The ‘company’ makes the following steps to assure security of personal information.

A. Administrative Measures : Establishment · enforcement of internal administrative plan, periodic training for employees etc..

B. Technical Measures : Management of access right such as personal information management system, installation of access control system, encryption of Unique Identifying Information, installation of security program etc..

C. Physical Measures : Access control to computer room and data storage etc..

8. Chief Privacy Officer

Chief Privacy Officer_Subject, Person in charge, Contact
Subject Person in charge Contact
Polymer Business Division Hoon Jang (+82)2-2005-6048

9 . Manager of Personal Information Security

Manager of Personal Information Security_Subject, Person in charge, Contact
Subject Person in charge Contact
Polymer Sales Team Seo Yun Kim (+82)2-2005-6620

10 . Officer of Personal Information Security

Officer of Personal Information Security_Subject, Person in charge, Contact
Subject Person in charge Contact
Polymer Sales Team Jin Hoon Hur (+82)2-2005-6627


A. Announcement Date : March.25th, 2019

B. Enforcement Date : March.25th, 2019

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