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Random PP

Random PP adds a small amount of ethylene during the PP polymerization to reduce the tacticity of the polymer.
Since there are numerous irregular parts compared to homo PP, the stiffness is somewhat reduced while the impact strength and flexibility are improved.
In addition, since the number of crystals that cause light scattering is low,
the film transparency is greatly improved compared to homo and impact PP.

Sheet & Blow Molding

Random PP for sheets and blow molding from GS Caltex is widely used in
food packaging containers for its excellent transparency
and mechanical properties.

Product features

01 Transparency

02 Excellent mechanical properties

Product usage

  • Highly transparent sheets

  • Food packaging

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Product data download_Number, Product name, Detailed application, MI, Product features, Final product, Certification info, Registered date
Number Product
MI Product
1 R724 - 1.9 High transparency Transparent sheeting, containers Download
MI 1.9
Product features High transparency
Final product Transparent sheeting, containers
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