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GS Caltex is committed to continuous and unceasing R&D for higher value.

R&D programs

GS Caltex provides various customer support services such as technical consulting, technical data,
new product development, and sample analysis. It strives to provide prompt and satisfactory customer support.

  • Catalyst R&D

    A catalyst has the role of determining the basic properties and characteristics of polymer products. GS Caltex focuses on fundamental technology R&D such as the development, evaluation, and enhancement of catalysts including the currently commercially produced Ziegler-Natta catalyst and the new metallocene catalyst.

  • Product development

    GS Caltex conducts new product development and property optimization research using the pilot plant to maintain the highest level of quality in the industry. It can develop new products quickly using various analytical equipment and processing equipment as it owns the design technology for compound polypropylene products with the properties required by customers.

  • Technology research

    GS Caltex conducts R&D on polymer flow and structure analysis during molding using various processing equipment, analytical equipment, and cutting-edge CAE techniques.

  • New product development

    GS Caltex conducts research on processing and compounding technology development and property measurement/device analytical method development for the acquisition and development of cutting-edge technologies and products.

  • Please contact the Polymer R&D Team (Homo, Impact, Random PP) & Polymer Composite R&D Team (PP Compound) for more detailed information on customer support.

    Polymer R&D Team

    TEL : +82)42-866-1703 / FAX : +82)42-864-1711

    Polymer Composite R&D Team

    TEL : +82)42-866-1660 / FAX : +82)42-864-1915

R&D Outcome

2017 Developed eco-friendly PP to replace PET for lunch box cover

2014 Developed PA-LCF material for panoramic sunroof (first in world)

2013 Certified with Net (New Technology) for “Crash Pad Main Core Lightweight Manufacturing Technology Applying LTF”

2012 Developed PP-LGF material for open-type instrument panel core (first in Korea)

2011 Developed TPE material for airbags (first in Korea)

2008 Developed PP-LGF material for front-end module carrier (first in Korea)

2003 Developed compound PP for uncoated seamless instrument panel

2002 Received IR52 Jangyeongshil Award for “PP for crash pad inside airbag

2001 Developed compound material for seamless instrument panel (first in world)

1999 Developed compound material for seamless instrument panel (first in world)

1998 Developed compound material for seamless instrument panel (first in world)

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